What Is An EAP?


Why is an Employee Assistance Program vital to your organization?

From a Corporate Perspective:
The single, greatest factor affecting the productivity of your employees is personal problems. Be it divorce, alcohol and/or drug abuse, grief, stress, mental illness, family issues or depression, at any given time 18% of your workforce will fall into this anxious, distracted or distraught category. And a greater factor must be appreciated. People do not and often cannot separate their personal problems from the workplace. The result: less productivity, more accidents, higher absenteeism and higher medical and workers compensation claims.

CONCERN: EAP assists managers and supervisors in effectively addressing employee productivity and job performance. CONCERN partners with your organization to more effectively manage the human side of your business, be it industrial, medical, manufacturing, government or service-oriented. We provide personal responsiveness and attention to the unique culture and characteristics of your business and your valuable employees. Our services are a cost-effective tool for helping your business achieve its goals.

From an Employee Perspective:
Your employees and their family members will receive free, confidential, short-term counseling services aimed at identifying and solving their personal problems. Employees value having a resource for resolving personal issues and will have increased dedication and loyalty to your organization for understanding and providing these services.

In the world of business clichs - EAP services are a win-win opportunity.